Facilities and Grounds Policy

Appendix J - Rallies, Parades, Pickets, Demonstrations and Other Assemblies

The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater affirms the individual's right of free expression. The intent of this policy is to ensure the safe, effective and appropriate use of the university's facilities and lands in support of the institution's educational mission. Individuals and groups are highly encouraged to meet with the appropriate university officials and offices to facilitate events in order to provide for the expression of ideas without infringing upon the rights of others or the university's mission.

Declaration of Policy: It is the policy of the board of regents that the facilities of the university are to be used primarily for purposes of fulfilling the university's missions of teaching, research and public service. University facilities are not available for unrestricted use for other purposes. In order to preserve and enhance the primary functions of university facilities, the board of regents adopts this chapter to govern the use of university facilities (UWS 21.01).

Because the priorities for use of UW-Whitewater facilities and ground vary according to the type of facility and intended uses of grounds, the University has established the Facilities and Grounds Use Policy.

UWS 18 provides expectations of conduct and the restrictions associated with conduct on or the use of university facilities, specifically UWS 18.07(5); UWS 18.11(4); UWS 18.11(5). Those expectations include, but may not be limited to:

  • No hindering of entrance, exit or normal use of facilities;
  • No unauthorized entrance into private office spaces; · No hindering of movement within stairway, corridors etc.;
  • No signs supported by sticks or standards; · No intentional noise that interferes with sponsored or authorized activities;
  • No intentional employment of force or violence against individuals or property.

Facilitation of Events: The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater seeks to facilitate all manner of free expression, speech and thought. In order to ensure the safe and appropriate usage of facilities, individuals and groups are highly encouraged to utilize the university officials and offices tasked with event management.

  • Assemblies, rallies, parades, pickets and demonstrations are normally considered exterior or outdoor activities.
  • All exterior university space can be reserved to ensure usage of desired areas.
    • Reserved space is considered a sponsored or authorized activity and afforded additional event protections.
  • Contact the Academic Liaison Officer (UWW Police) for assistance with the organizational and administrative aspects of the event.

Other Considerations:

The use of interior spaces for or in conjunction with events falling under this policy will require additional reservations and may fall under Appendix M, Special Events Policy. Facility use for political purposes is further governed under Appendix L, Facility Use for Political Purposes.

Declaration of an unlawful assembly:

When informed of any assemblies, rallies, parades, pickets or demonstrations which may not comply with UWS 18.11(4)(a) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, the chief administrative officer of the institution (Chancellor) or designee may proceed immediately to the site and determine if there is compliance. If there is not, they may read the following statement(s) to the participants:

First Warning:

Your behavior violates Section UWS 18.11(4)(a) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code because you are:

Outside University Buildings:

    • Intentionally gathering outside a building so as to physically hinder entrance to and exit from, or normal use of, the building.

Inside University Buildings:

    • Intentionally congregating within a building so as to obstruct or seriously impair a university-sponsored or authorized activity.
    • Gathering in the private office of a university employee without an invitation or in excess of the number of designated or invited by that person.
    • Obstructing or seriously impairing passage through corridors, stairways, doorways, building entrances, fire exits, and reception areas leading to offices.
    • Entering or occupying any part of a university building without authorization.
    • Assembling immediately outside rooms at times when they are normally in use for classes, study, or research.
    • Using signs supported by sticks in university building.

Anywhere on University Property:

    • Intentionally creating a volume of noise that unreasonably interferes with university-sponsored or authorized activities.
    • Intentionally using force or violence or intentionally constituting an immediate threat of force or violence against the university community and/or property.

Please cease and desist from this behavior.

[Optional: You also must immediately move the assembly to _____________________ (designated area).]

If you do not heed this warning, the University Police will take appropriate action to remove or arrest those individuals found to be violating Section UWS 18.11(4) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, and if the behavior continues, may declare this assembly to be unlawful.

Second Warning:

Please cease and desist from the following unlawful behavior:

[Read the list of unlawful behavior checked above].

[Optional: You are also require to mover this assembly to ________________(location).]

If you do not heed this final warning, this assembly will be declared unlawful. Once this assembly is declared unlawful, any participant or spectator who fails to withdraw will be subject to immediate arrest.

Declaration that Assembly is Unlawful:

This assembly has failed to comply with provisions of Section UWS 18.11(4) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and is hereby declared unlawful. The University Police will now take appropriate action to remove or arrest any individual who fails to withdraw from this assembly.

As approved March 2014