Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs

No person may light, build or use, or cause another to light, build or use, any fires, including, but not limited to burning candles, burning incense or gas or charcoal cooking appliances, on University lands or in University facilities except in such places as are established for these purposes and designated by the chief administrative officer [UWS 18.06 (11)(a)].

Authorized Use

Academic and operational use of open fire, which meets the mission of the University, is exempt from this policy. For example, open flame use in supervised science experimentation and demonstrations, Studio Art processes (welding, forging), facilities maintenance activities (welding), and approved catering events using candles or grills are exempt from the permitting process.

Use of gas or charcoal cooking appliances are prohibited except when authorized and supervised by the Building Supervisor or designee in the following locations:

Facilities Planning and Management in designated areas, Williams/Kachel Center/Stadium/Athletic Complex designated areas, Residence Life designated areas, James R. Connor University Center designated areas, the Center of the Arts/Young Auditorium in designated areas and Lawcon picnic areas, in accordance to their individual written plans. The Building Supervisor in these areas is responsible for developing written plans detailing what types of gas or charcoal cooking will be done and who will be responsible for the safety of the operation.

Temporary permits for any other use of open fire may be granted by the University Reservation Office, if the activity meets the mission of the University. A permit application must be completed and returned to the University Reservation Office a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled event. No use of open fire is allowed without a completed and approved permit.

Safety Regulations

All activities using open fire (including gas and charcoal cooking appliances and exempted activities) must adhere to applicable local, state and federal standards covering use of open fire including but not limited to required use of personal protective equipment, proper ventilation and maintenance of safe distances from combustibles. Activities using open fire must be supervised at all times by a designated person responsible to oversee the use, that safety guidelines are followed, and all fire is extinguished. Propane tanks must be stored in flammable storage cabinets when not in use. Each area will be equipped with an approved ash receptacle to aid in the removal of the charcoal residual when charcoal or like material is used. Ash receptacles will be emptied on a regular basis by the supervisor of the area.

As amended November 2001
Last Reviewed: October 2015