Military Leave of Absence

Source: Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 230.32

Officials and employees of the state who have permanent status and who are members of the national guard, the state guard, or any other reserve component of the military forces of the United States or this state now or hereafter organized or constituted under federal or state law, are entitled to leaves of absence without loss of time in the service of the state, to enable them to attend military schools and annual field training or annual active duty for training, and any other state or federal tours of active duty, except extended active duty or service as a member of the active armed forces of the United States which have been duly ordered but not exceeding 15 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays enumerated in sub. (4) in the calendar year in which so ordered and held. During this leave of absence each state official or employee shall receive his base state pay less the base military pay received for and identified with such attendance but such reduction shall not be more than the base state pay.

Such leave shall not be granted for absences of less than 3 days. A state official or employee serving on state active duty as a member of the national guard or state guard, may elect to receive pay from the state under s. 20.465 (1) in an amount equal to his base state salary for such period of state active duty. Leave granted by this section is in addition to all other leaves granted or authorized by any other law. For the purpose of determining seniority, pay or pay advancement and merit increases the status of the employee shall be considered uninterrupted by such attendance.

Last policy revision: 1 June 1996; reviewed August 2014