Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

All Printing

The purchase of printed materials from any vendor must be requested on a Requisition, regardless of dollar amount. Note printing cannot be ordered on a Quick Order or by Procurement Card.

Irregular Procurement

Any state employee who contracts for the purchase of materials or services contrary to a statute, State Bureau of Procurement or UW-Whitewater policy and procedures constitutes an "IRREGULAR PROCUREMENT" and may be held liable for the cost. Requests for after-the-fact approvals will require the requestor to supply:

  • Written justification of the procurement itself.
  • Written justification of the lack of prior approval.
  • A statement of management actions being taken to prevent repetition of the situation.
  • The Division Administrator indication of review and approval.
  • A completed requisition.

Serial Purchasing

The practice of issuing a series of purchase orders in any 90-day period, to the same vendor for the same commodity or service in order to avoid the appropriate competitive solicitation is PROHIBITED.

As amended 3 January 2000, revised July 2014