Summer Session Compensation

Summer Pay

Persons employed on an academic year basis shall be compensated for additional assignments during the summer session. Those assignments may be instructional or non-instructional in nature.

UW System Administrative Policy 230, Salary and Fringe Benefit Calculations, states, “Compensation received in the summer period may not in aggregate exceed 4.5 biweekly pay periods of the academic year salary of the person appointed unless an explicit exception is granted by the Chancellor or designee, regardless of source of funds.  However, in no case can summer compensation exceed the equivalent of 6.5 biweekly pay-periods for additional summer assignments.”

4.5 biweekly pay-periods equates to 3/13 of the nine-month salary and 6.5 biweekly pay-periods equates to one-third of the nine-month salary.

At UW-W, this requires that any faculty or academic staff member on an academic year appointment obtain prior approval from the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education for summer appointments resulting in compensation in excess of 4.5 biweekly pay periods in the academic year. In no event may a faculty or academic staff member receive compensation totaling more than 1/3 of the academic year salary for summer session assignments.

As Amended: February 25, 2022