Source: Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

Degree credit may be transferred to UW-Whitewater if the grade earned in the course at the previous institution is recognized as a passing grade (D or better) at UW-Whitewater and provided that the course parallels work offered at UW-Whitewater. Course credits thus accepted will transfer either as equivalent course credits or as elective credits. Any adjustment in the credit evaluation received by a transfer student must be requested within one year of the time of acceptance.

After a student has accumulated 72 semester credits, the student must earn a minimum of 48 credits at UW-Whitewater and/or other accredited four-year college before a bachelor's degree is awarded. Upper division UW-Whitewater students who decide to attend a two-year college after accumulating 72 credits toward graduation must obtain permission from the dean of their college in advance of their attendance at the two-year college in order for the credits to transfer.

Credit for some course work in areas other than those offered at UW-Whitewater may be granted upon written petition to the appropriate department chairperson, if the chair feels that the course content is related to the student's major or minor and that granting this additional credit is of demonstrable educational value to his/her program at Whitewater.

As amended July 2014