Who can Use a State Vehicle

Source: State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration, Fleet Policies and Procedures, DOA-3068P (R9/89).

  1. State employees with a valid driver's license and two years licensed driving experience may drive a state vehicle. Any driver who is or feels unable to drive for health and safety reasons would not qualify. Exceptions may be made for University students and other agents of the State with a valid driver's license when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the State; however, any exceptions must first be approved by Department of Administration (DOA), Bureau of State Risk Management or the agency Risk Management office that has approval power delegated by DOA Risk Management.
  2. Before being allowed to drive a state vehicle, all drivers will be required to sign a Vehicle Use Agreement, Form DOA-3103, or equivalent. The agreement contains a provision signifying that the driver has been given a copy of the Fleet Policies and Procedures and that he/she understands them. The Vehicles Use Agreement also contains space for the driver's license number and informs the driver of his/her obligation to reveal changes in the status of that license.
  3. Drivers must agree to a check of their driving record annually. Records will be checked by Transportation through the Department of Transportation annually for all drivers and before assigning a personally assigned vehicle. Any negative change in the status of a driver's record may result in the revocation of the privilege of driving a state-owned vehicle. Whenever a driver of a state vehicle has their driver's license revoked, restricted, or suspended, the driver is required to immediately notify their supervisor.
  4. The use of a state vehicle by an individual who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden. Any such vehicle use will be considered a violation of work rules, and may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

As amended 3 October 2002
Last Reviewed:  October 2015