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Our role is to serve the educational and training needs of prospective and/or enrolled service members, veterans, their dependents or survivors, and other persons eligible to receive education benefits under the various Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) programs and the State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) programs. The Veterans Benefits Coordinator provides benefit and education counseling, program information, referral to various agencies, and certifies eligible students to receive education benefits under various state and federal programs while maintaining a congenial working relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies serving veterans.

The Registrar's Office is the certifying office for veterans benefits at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  

New students who are eligible for benefits but have not yet applied, may do so in the Registrar's Office.  A type of eligibility form would help the process (i.e. a DD214 - Notice of Separation).

Veterans Services Information Sheet - Academic

VA Benefit Information Handbook

Students called to active service during the course of a semester must choose one of the following options before departing for active service:

  • Any student called to active service during the course of a semester may elect to withdraw from the university with a full refund of all academic tuition and segregated fees and the prorated refund of room and board fees. Under this circumstance, no course credit and no course grades will be awarded.
  • Students called to active service on or prior to the last date to drop a full-term course (end of the eighth week) must withdraw with the full refund of academic tuitions and segregated fees and the prorated refund of board and room fees.
  • Students called to active service after the last date to drop a full-term course (end of the sixth week) may elect to take the grade of "Incomplete" in all courses. The time period allowed to satisfy the Incomplete Contracts would not, under this circumstance, begin until the date of release from active service. At any time within six months of the date of release from active service, the student may elect to withdraw from the university for the term in which he/she was called to active service. Students who elect this alternative are not eligible for the refund of academic tuition and segregated fees, but are eligible for the prorated refund of board and room fees.
  • Students called to active service after the last permissible day to withdraw from the university, as published in each semester's Schedule of Classes, may elect, with the permission of the course instructor, to accept the grades earned to that day in each of their courses. Under this circumstance, normal University policy for the award of "Incomplete" grades would apply. The time period allowed to satisfy Incomplete Contracts would begin at the date of release from active service. Students who elect this alternative are not eligible for the refund of fees.
  • Students called to active service keep their admission, e-mail and computer access open at UWW for two years from the date of their mobilization. After two years absence, students will have to reapply for admission.

Students shall not be penalized for class absence due to unavoidable or legitimate required military obligations not to exceed two (2) weeks unless special permission is granted by the instructor.  Students are responsible for notifying faculty members of such circumstances as far in advance as possible and for providing documentation to the instructor to verify the reason for the absence.  The faculty member is responsible to provide reasonable accommodations or opportunities to make up exams or other course assignments that have an impact on the course grade.  For absences due to a student being deployed for active duty, please refer to the University's Active Duty Call-Up Procedure.

Veteran's benefits may also include tutorial assistance, if there exists a documented deficiency in any subject required for completion of a degree program. Contact the Veterans' Coordinator for an application.

Refer to the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog for the academic performance criteria that are expected from all UW-W students, including those individuals receiving VA benefits. In addition to those rules and regulations, veterans who are receiving VA benefits should be aware of these considerations:

  • Taking a course on a satisfactory/no credit (undergrad) basis may result in an overpayment of benefits for that term if the veteran receives no credit for that course.
  • Courses taken off-campus or at another school may not count toward enrollment certification. If taking courses at two schools concurrently, veterans must notify the Veterans' Coordinator if they wish to use benefits at both schools.
  • Audit credits do not count as credits for benefit certification purposes.
  • A repeat enrollment of a "D-" or higher grade may not count for benefit level determination.
  • The University is required to notify the VA on any change of enrollment, withdrawal, and probation or academic dismissal in order to determine the effect on future and past benefit eligibility. Unless the veteran claims "migitating circumstances", they may be liable for repayment of the benefits. The Veteran should contact the Veterans' Coordinator to determine the effects of the change before the action is taken, and if "mitigating circumstances" can be claimed, file a statement of those circumstances. The veteran may be required to return benefits paid for the pursuit of the course or courses from the start of the term, not from the date the course was dropped or the withdrawal was processed.
  • Veterans/dependents must contact the Veterans' Coordinator to receive continuous pay each term.


Federal Benefits Summary

Chap 30 Montgomery GI Bill ® (for Active Duty Personnel and Veterans since 1985)
Chap 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Chap 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill ® Program
      -The Yellow Ribbon Program
Chap 35 DEA (Dependents' Educational Assistance Program - Spouses and Children)
Chap 1606 Montgomery GI Bill ® (for Reserve and Guard Members Since 1985)
VA Work Study Program
VA Tutoring Program
Veterans Choice Act

Useful Links

Benefit Comparison Chart
Chapter 33 Transferability Process
MyCAA Fact Sheet

UWW is approved by the State Approval Agency.  Veterans may receive a minimum of four (4) elective units if they received an honorable discharge after six months or more of service or if they were discharged into the National Guard or Reserves.  The discharge certificate (DD214) must be submitted to the Admissions Office to obtain these units.  Credit may be granted for military training and experience if the guide compiled by the American Council on Education so recommends.  Students should consult the Admissions Office about this type of credit.  Students submitting the AARTS, SMART or Community College of the Air Force transcripts may be evaluated to receive additional elective or degree credits.

Academic Advising
Adult & Non Traditional Student
Career and Leadership Development
Center for Students with Disabilities
Financial Aid
Financial Services
Graduate School
University Health and Counseling Services

Veteran and Service Members Organization

At UW-Whitewater, you will have the opportunity to join the Veterans and Service Members Organization. The student-run campus organization is involved in social, academic, informational and community services. The group aims to assist members with the transition to campus and academic life, build morale and promote fellowship. For more information, email the student president at:

Federal Government Websites

Department of Veterans Affairs
Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) DANTES Test Centers
Department of Labor
Federal Jobs for Veterans
Foreign Training Approval
Library of Congress
My HealtheVet
National Science Foundation
National Veterans Foundation
Post 9/11 GI Bill
Returning Service Members (OEF/OIF/OND)
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
The White House
Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255, Press 1
Veterans ON-line Application (VONAPP)
Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) Home  

Financial Aid



Licensing and Certification Test Reimbursement through the VA
National Testing Reimbursement Program through the VA

Scholarships (Branch Specific) and Grant Sources

Air Force Association
Army Emergency Relief
Coast Guard Foundation
Fry Scholarship Q&A Info and Form
National Guard
Navy-Marine Corps Relief
Fleet Reserve Association USN/USMC/USCG

Membership or Relation to Member Required   

American Legion
American Legion Auxiliary
Veteran College Scholarships
Student Veterans of America

Additional Scholarship Links  

Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association
Military Children Scholarship
Military Magazine Online - veterans & spouses
Military Officers Association of America
NMFA Joann Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship
The Pat Tillman Foundation
SMART Scholarship Program

State Veteran's Benefits and Departments of Higher Education

State National Guard Tuition Assistance Programs
Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs

S.A.L.U.T.E. is the only national honor society recognizing and honoring the service and the scholastic achievements of student veterans. SALUTE stands for Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute, and Excellence. Members inducted into SALUTE are those who have shown courage, strength, leadership, excellence, and perseverance in their military endeavors and now are showing that same commitment to their academic careers. Each student selected for recognition through membership in SALUTE will receive a military style challenge coin and a membership certificate suitable for framing, opportunities for scholarships through SALUTE.

Members include retirees, disabled veterans, active duty military, National Guard and reservists returning to higher education, starting second careers, or helping fund their college careers with military service.

S.A.L.U.T.E. Minimum Standards

Undergraduate Students

  • Be currently enrolled as a student.
  • Have served or currently serving in the military, National Guard, or Reserves (If no longer serving, must have an honorably discharged from service). Applicant must submit a DD-214 Member 4 copy that displays the character of service (honorable discharge). Applicants serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves must submit a copy of orders for their current duty assignment.
  • Must have completed 12 credits
  • 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher. The undergraduate GPA tiers are broken down according to the following:
    • Alpha Tier GPA: 3.75 - 4.00
    • Bravo Tier GPA: 3.50 - 3.74
    • Charlie Tier GPA: 3.25 - 3.49
    • Delta Tier GPA: 3.00 - 3.24
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards

Graduate Students

  • Be currently enrolled as a student
  • Have served or currently serving in the military, National Guard, or Reserves (If no longer serving, must have an honorably discharged from service). Applicant must submit a copy of their DD-214 (Member 4) that displays the character of service (honorable discharge). Applicants serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves must submit a copy of orders for their current duty assignment.
  • Must have completed 9 credits
  • Completed a minimum of 20 community service hours.
  • 3.50 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards

Graduation Regalia & Memorabilia

SALUTE National is pleased to announce our online marketplace with graduation regalia and memorabilia available here.


Applications accepted until April 1 for the Spring semester and October 15 for the Fall semester.

Step 1. Fill out the application and submit to

Step 2. Pay a one-time $35 fee for life membership online here.

Applicants who have not paid the membership by the application deadline will not be processed. A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided by the application.

For more information, contact Amy Moore at


Step 1. Fill out the application.

Step 2. Email completed application package to

State Benefits Summary

Wisconsin GI Bill Tuition Waiver Program
WDMA National Guard Tuition Grant

Policies and Procedures
National Guard Tuition Grant Form

Amy Moore
Veterans Benefits Coordinator
Roseman 2032

UWW Veterans and Service Members Lounge is a place for students who have served or are serving in the military to study and socialize with each other.  Located in the Anderson Library, room 2208A, this lounge includes two (2) computers, study space, television, mini-fridge, microwave and separate meeting room for veterans to use.  The Veterans and Service Members Organization meets in this Lounge on a regular basis.

Richard Harris, BSW
Coordinator of Student Veterans & Military Services

Undergraduate* Required Standard Class Sessions
Full Time 12+ credits
3/4 Time 9-11.5 credits
1/2 Time 6-8.5 credits
Graduate* Required Standard Class Sessions
Full Time 9+ credits
3/4 Time 75% Benefits Monthly 5-8.6 credits
1/2 Time 50% Benefits Monthly 4-4.5 credits
1/4 Time Tuition and Fees Only 3-3.5 credits

*Chapter 33 recipients: half-time enrollment (Undergraduates - 6 units or less; Graduates - 4.5 units or less) any time during the term (Fall/Spring only) will result in the loss of your MHA/BAH.

Please Note: Per VA directive, a Winterim course, Summer Session courses and courses that do not meet for the full semester will only count during those weeks that the course(s) meet.

Veterans Week is held every year in early November to honor all service members not only in the UWW student population, but all service members in the Whitewater area.  A multitude of Veterans Week events have included Veteran themed art shows in the Fiskum Art Gallery, military panel presentations, and the Veteran Honor Tree - a silent way to say thank you to many different groups that have been affected by past and present wars.  For additional information about Veterans Week, please contact Veterans Services at 262-472-1570.

Veteran's Week 2019

WDVA has instituted an online application process for this benefit.  Although the form WDVA 2030 is now done electronically through myWisVets, the form WDVA 2029 with the school logos is still done by paper and turned into the school.  Please download the WDVA 2029 below, complete, and return to the Veterans Benefits Coordinator.

WDVA 2029
WI GI Bill FAQs  

Cumulative GPA Requirement:

  • Effective January 2014, any student using the WI GI Bill must maintain a minimum 2.0 UWW Cumulative GPA in order to remain eligible for the WI GI Bill benefits.
  • Transfer students will have their transfer cumulative GPA applied for the first term, if necessary, of enrollment.  Thereafter, the UWW Cumulative GPA will only be used.

Please Note: The WIGI Bill does not cover all educational costs (i.e. textbook rental, special course fees, etc.).  Information on what programs and the amount of tuition and fees costs that are covered can be found at the following website: Wisconsin GI Bill FAQs. You can also check with either the Veterans Certifying Official (262-472-1570) or Student Accounts (262-472-1373) to determine which tuition/fees are not covered.


  • Be admitted to UWW in good academic standing
  • Be enrolled at least 30 days prior to the term beginning
  • Maintain good academic standing at UWW or return to good academic standing after one term*
  • Maintain good conduct
  • Adhere to campus attendance policies

*Good academic standing is at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

As a participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program, UWW has agreed to fund 50% of the remaining unmet tuition & fee charges, the other 50% being funded by the Veterans Administration. Awards are made to a total of 10 qualified non-resident undergraduates, including continuing students who are already receiving Yellow Ribbon Program benefits from previous semesters. Applicants are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. The amount each student will receive from UWW will vary according to the cost of their degree program and any tuition specific scholarships or grant they may have been awarded.

Please Note: the Yellow Ribbon Program award cannot be combined with other UWW institutional awards to result in a surplus for the student. This program is available to qualified non-resident undergraduate students in all degree programs offered at UWW.

Yellow Ribbon Program applications are available in the Registrar's Office.

How to Apply

If you meet the above criteria, submit the following to apply:

  • A completed Yellow Ribbon Program application
  • A copy of the Certificate of Eligibility*
  • A copy of the DD214 (Veterans only, not Transfer of Entitlement applicants)

*Students must forward their Certification of Eligibility (CoE) as soon as it becomes available. Funds will not be disbursed until the CoE is received by UWW's Veteran's Services Office.

If selected for the Yellow Ribbon Program at UWW, students will be funded each year as long at UWW continues to renew its agreement with the VA. UWW has the right to reduce awards or discontinue the program at the end of each academic year.

Continuation Requirements

To remain in the Yellow Ribbon Program students must:

  • Remain continually enrolled each fall and spring semester (exceptions will be made for those called up for military duty)
  • Maintain good academic standing at UW-Whitewater or return to good academic standing after one term*
  • Maintain good conduct
  • Adhere to campus attendance policies

*Good academic standing is at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average

Additional Information

Yellow Ribbon Program contributions will not be adjusted after the last day to drop classes without a W assigned; this is typically the end of the second week of classes. Any costs accrued due to adding or dropping classes after that date will be the responsibility of the student. For additional information about the Yellow Ribbon Program, please see the GI Bill website.

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