College of Business and Economics Strategic Priorities

Personal Interactions

A unique characteristic of the UWW CoBE experience is the high level of personal interaction between students, faculty, alumni and business partners.  It is this interaction that helps create a high-quality applied learning environment; helps students set and achieve high personal and professional aspirations; and gives Wisconsin's largest AACSB accredited business school its "small school" feel.

Exceptional Student Experiences

Exceptional student experiences are built and enhanced by clearly focused initiatives that increase student engagement, provide multiple opportunities and ensures that those experiences are aligned with college goals. CoBE will focus on three particular areas as strategic priorities:

  • Student Organizations
  • Internships
  • International Experiences

Relevant and Rigorous Curriculum

A relevant curriculum is one that engages students in the essential skills they need in their chosen professions.  It has immediate application and yet serves as the foundation for their professional career and civic engagement.  It prepares students for specific tasks as well as the ability to work through complex situations.  A curriculum is most relevant if it has been developed in conjunction with practicing professionals and is regularly reviewed. A rigorous curriculum is one that is designed to challenge students to think, reason and solve problems.  It pushes students to excel and expand their knowledge and skills.  A rigorous curriculum is not "hard" for the sake of being "hard"; rather it includes both adherence to a high academic standard but also a carefully prepared pedagogical framework that helps students reach that standard.

Innovative and Effective Teaching

Faculty ensure that their teaching methods are effective through professional development and assessment.  Faculty engage in thoughtful preparation for teaching by evaluating "best practices", learning from their peers and using feedback to improve.  Students can improve the effectiveness of teaching by providing constructive criticism in term end evaluations. Innovative teaching requires a cautious acceptance of risk to try new methods of teaching.  These innovations might be "micro" or "macro" in nature.  A supportive learning community climate allows faculty to discuss potential innovation, receive critical feedback and attempt new methods; with a clarity of purpose and reasonable acceptance of failure.

A Reputation of Excellence

World-class colleges have earned reputations of excellence in one or more areas.  These reputations are built by ensuring a level of quality that is demonstrably higher than others and then drawing attention to those successes. CoBE has numerous areas that already have the qualities necessary to build a national reputation.  It also has other areas where increased access to resources or devotion of time and effort could positively impact our reputation.

Significant financial resources

World-class colleges have the financial resources to improve outcomes related to their strategic priorities and mission.  They are financially sound and have the ability direct significant resources to areas of critical need or new directions.

Delivers on its mission

While strategic priorities, annual goals, and areas of excellence may shift over time, the college mission is relatively stable.  The mission is a statement of who we are: "The UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics is an inclusive, collaborative and entrepreneurial learning community dedicated to sharing values, knowledge and skills to prepare current and future business professionals to contribute successfully and responsibly in a global business environment".  While annual goals and priorities may address narrower goals, CoBE will remain focused on all aspects of its mission and will strive to deliver on that broader mission.