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Application Frequently Asked Questions

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, upon first login you will create an account to log into the application in future sessions. Please note you should not submit the application until you have completed the full application. Once you submit your application you will not be able to access it again.

The application period is August 26, 2022 - September 30, 2022.

Award notifications will begin October 16, 2022. If you were not awarded the grant, we would encourage applicants to apply in future program cycles.

Grant eligibility requirements and grant types can be found in the "QTT Grant Program Description" document

At this time individualized feedback will not be given on applications prior to or after submission. Please refer to the “Grants Program Description” and “Application Guide” for the grant priority criteria your application will be evaluated on.

Use the "Application Guide" to review what materials are required to complete the application and receive step by step instructions on completing the application process.

Applications are evaluated based on priority areas identified in the grant program description. These can be found on our website here:

Yes, your designated supervisor and at least one administrator from your agency are required to attend this webinar. We are open to other staff at the agency attending to get an overview of the grant program and requirements. However, the initial workshop and Community of Practice (CoP) events are only open to the designated supervisor.

No, eligibility for the various grant types will be determined based on your responses. Each agency apply should complete only one application.

Each agency should complete one application and select one designated supervisor. Agencies eligible for both the expanding agency award and the QTT Intern award may utilize different supervisors.

Yes, agencies that were previously awarded a QTT grant are eligible to apply again.

No, both non-profit and for-profit agencies are eligible to apply for the QTT Grants Program

No, at this time all applications must be submitted through Qualtrics.

During the application you will select all regions served by your agency. Be sure to include all regions served not just the regions your agency is physically located in. This will be used to determine which health provider shortage areas, underserved communities, and geographic regions your agency is serving to determine eligibility for priority criteria in the grants program scoring.

Please only give information pertaining to the location(s) where the QTT(s) are primarily located and delivering services.

The Continuing Expanding Agency Award is a 2nd year award for an agency that completed a Expanding Agency Award in the previous fiscal year. Your agency must have successfully received an Expanding Agency Award in the previous fiscal year to apply, simply indicate the previous award in your award history on the application. Designated supervisors will have different requirements for the Continuing Expanding Agency Award.

Continuing Expanding Agency Awardees will have different requirements for their agency and designated supervisor building on the supervisory process from the first year. You can review the unique requirements for the Continuing Expanding Agency Award in the program description (page 8) on the website.

Revised rules for DHS 75 clinics may now make these clinics eligible for the QTT Grants Program. Please review the Revised DHS 75 Implementation here. Eligible agencies for the Expanding Agency Awards must hire and supervise post-graduate QTT positions.

School based services may be eligible depending on medicaid billing status. Please review the application prep guide for more eligibility requirements.

Clinic certification is a priority criteria of the application however other agency types and certficiations may be considered. You will supply your agency certification type and structure as part of the application.

Part time positions may be eligible as long as the QTT positions are still gaining clinical training hours and supervision for licensure.

Yes, the Emerging application will be available soon. Join the mailing list to stay informed on future applications.

Please ensure you have registered as an organization or set up an organizaiton under your account. Please refer to our step by step guide on registering as an organization or switching to organization view.



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