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Qualified Treatment Trainees

Supervisory Professional Development Initiative

The QTT Grants Program features two goals in promoting the hiring and supervision of Qualified Treatment Trainees (QTTs) in Wisconsin 1) Expand the number of statewide placement opportunities for QTTs 2) Increase statewide QTT supervisory capacity through professional development and support. To address these goals agencies participating in the grant select a QTT designated supervisor that participates in a 6-month professional development initiative that parallels the QTT Expanding Agency Award. QTT designated supervisors are clinical supervisors that directly supervise QTT positions at their agencies. The Supervision Practice Profile was developed as a best practice guide to highlight fundamental processes, essential components, and elements of effective clinical supervision practice. The Supervisor Tool Kit contains tools that might be used in supervision to complete some of these core processes of supervision from the Supervision Practice Profile. During the 6-month initiative, supervisors participate in monthly community of practice meetings where they are invited to collaborate, meet with other supervisors in the program, and focus on trainee skills development.

QTT Supervision Process

QTT Supervision Practice Profile

Supervisor Tool Kit

Trainee Skills Practice Sample

QTT Supervisor Evaluation Report “Clinical Supervision Matters”



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