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Conduct Board

University Housing Student Conduct System Philosophy

For many students, the college experience presents significant challenges and responsibilities. In the residence halls, this becomes a particular challenge when a large number of students with different goals, needs, and backgrounds share a living space. With this in mind, University Housing has established living guidelines, policies, and procedures which help to define standards.

In addition, University Housing views its residents as adults capable of making decisions about their own behavior based on the standards established by University Housing. University Housing Staff are available to clarify policies and procedures and to assist students with decision making.

The University Housing Student Conduct System is a timely process by which the residence hall community intervenes when a student's behavior is contrary to community standards. The system makes every effort to balance individual and community needs and is focused on educational outcomes.

What others have to say...

"Everything about Conduct Board was enjoyable, the people you meet, the friends you make, the good work that you do. [It] all gives you a great sense that you held up the rules and gives you a great sense of accomplishment."

-Amy Bankert
Conduct Board Member

"I learned a lot about the conduct process. When I became a member of conduct board, I was also getting involved in a lot more...Out of my involvement, I learned a lot about managing my time."

-Kristina Brice
Former Conduct Board Member

"It has pushed me to hold myself to a higher standard...and I think this has helped me be a better student overall."

-Brandon VerVelde
Conduct Board Member

"I thought that it was an overall good experience. At times, you are forced to make decisions that you might not want to make, but that is how things are in the real world. I would strongly recommend that others take this opportunity like I have."

-Maxwell Taylor
Former Conduct Board Member


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