Center for Inclusive Transition, Education, & Employment (CITEE)

Job Coaching for the Paraprofessional


Clear your schedule and make time to engage in this self-paced course for paraprofessionals focusing on community employment for the students with disabilities they serve.

Primary Instructor: Pam Jenson and Shelley Burke-Otto

Course Description:

Through this online self-paced introductory course, participants will gain an understanding of special education definitions and policies. strengths and weaknesses as a job coach, strategies to build positive relationships, communication with the student’s support system, task analysis methods, prompts and accommodations to promote fading practices, and strategies to promote positive behavior in the workplace. This course will offer videos, reading materials, tools, and examples from the field. Reflection activities will also be included to assist in your learning, strategies, mindset, and growth as a job coach. This course has been created by the Wisconsin Transition Improvement Grant.

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