Center for Inclusive Transition, Education, & Employment (CITEE)

Refresher Training for Previously Trained Indicator 14 Interviewers

Course available:  May 1st, 2024


The time has arrived.  Indicator 14 surveys will be opening soon. Take this refresher course to learn about updated information and clarification of interviewee responses.

Primary Instructor: Pam Jenson and Jenny Jacobs

Course Description:

Welcome back returning Interviewers!  If you are enrolled in this course, it means you have conducted phone interviews and entered surveys on behalf of your district in a previous survey window.   If you have not, please register for the Indicator 14 Interviewer Training for New Interviewers.  This required course is in an online self-paced format taking less than 20 minutes to complete. The course provides an overview of any changes to the survey questions, clarification of response issues from previous survey windows and information on how to get the highest response rate possible for your district. Once completed, access will be provided to enter surveys on behalf of your district for the upcoming survey window. This course has been created by the Wisconsin Transition Improvement Grant.

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