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WebMD- Well Wisconsin Program

Well Wisconsin is a partnership between Employee Turst Funds and the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program and WebMD to help you bring out your best.  Based on your personal needs and interests, it will help you set goals, track your progress, keep you motivated, and provide valuable information along the way. You do need to be enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program to use the Well Wisconsin Program.

Well Wisconsin Program

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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides you and members of your household with confidential resources to address personal/work-related concerns, assist with legal/financial situations or help with work-life balance. Access to EAP services is employer-paid. You do not need to be enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program to use the EAP services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP Services & Resources

Employee Tip Sheet

Management Consultation Services Tip Sheet

Employee EAP Overview

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Current Opportunities

WINGO Flyer - March 1st-June 28th

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Acentra Health Workshops

Past and Upcoming Acentra Workshops

Eating Right for Life Workshop - June 12th at 12:30 pm

June Acentra Workshop Flyer

If donuts for breakfast, candy bars for lunch, and constantly making impulse decisions while eating on the run sound familiar, then this is the class for you! Participants in this seminar will learn the benefits of nutrition including the importance of making informed food choices to develop and maintain sound eating habits. Expect to leave this interactive session understanding what your body needs for optimal health and the key nutritional guidelines to follow. 

U Matter Resources and Updates

Second Stop of the U Matter Wagon!

On Wednesday March 6th, Continuing Education and Graduate Studies presented FP&M with the U Matter Wagon!

CGE noted: 

The Facilities Planning and Management team work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure continuing education events and programming go off without a hitch. The team works hard to ensure spaces are clean and ready to receive registrants, that sidewalks are clear and safe for participants to naviagte campus, that hundreds of camper letters make it into the hands of youth participants and that we're always "rolling out the purple carpet". The work FP&M does is not often noticed because when it's done right our events are seamless. We're thankful to have a team that recognizes how important their work is to the grand picture of welcoming visitors, alumni, friends and future Warhawks into our spaces.

Thank you FP&M for all of your efforts on campus, we appreciate everything you do!

U Matter Toolkit

The U Matter Toolkit includes resources such as NAN card templates, Purpose Statement templates, an Organizational Assessment along with sample scripts for table top exercises, articles by Zach Mercurio and links to his last two presentations. These resources can be used separately or all together, however you choose to continue the U Matter messaging within your work groups/departments. If you would like help putting something together please reach out to and we will be happy to partner with you to create a workshop or presentation geared to your area. If you host an event, please share highlights and pictures that we can share in the newsletter and on the Worksite Wellness webite.

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