Worksite Wellness
Worksite Wellness

WebMD- Well Wisconsin Program

Well Wisconsin is a partnership between Employee Turst Funds and the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program and WebMD to help you bring out your best.  Based on your personal needs and interests, it will help you set goals, track your progress, keep you motivated, and provide valuable information along the way.

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Employee Assistance Program

The University’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is FREE to UW System employees, their spouses or significant others, and their dependents. The goal of an Employee Assistance Program is to provide employees with a guide to achieving greater work-life balance and overall health and wellbeing. Our EAP, Kepro, offers services in the areas of: work-life balance, financial assistance, legal assistance, child care assistance, mental health counseling, and much more.


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Current Opportunities

Zach Mercurio – Creating a Culture Where Everyone Matters - RECORDING

Upcoming KEPRO Workshops

  •  Holiday Budgeting Workshop
    • We may have our finances under control during the year, but holidays can seriously send spending out of control. This class will help you avoid waking up on January 2 thinking, "how could I have spent and eaten that much!?" This motivational class teaches a skill set to keep the holidays in balance, financially.
    • Date:11/16/2022 Time: 12:00 PM, America/Chicago
  • New Year's Resolution
    • Even though this class is meant for January 1 - everyday can be like January 1! This is a fact-filled class about resolutions that, when done properly, can truly change our lives. This seminar offers help, encouragement and guidance. The class is meant to be extremely interactive and participatory.
    • Date: 12/7/2022 Time: 12:00 PM, America/Chicago

Past Recordings

Lightening your Life with Laughter-Presented by KEPRO

 Date/Time: 10/24/2022 12:00PM

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