MBA - Human Resource Management Emphasis

MBA students that would like to earn an emphasis in Human Resource Management must complete nine credits of the following courses.

MANGEMNT 751: Staffing & Evaluation

No Prerequisite

An examination of the organization and administration of the personnel function in management. It is concerned with the employment, training, safety and health, employees services, and employee relations functions of personnel administration. Attention is focused on a limited number of topics drawn from these areas so more crucial concepts and methods involved may be dealt with in-depth.

MANGEMNT 752: Current Issues in Compensation & Benefits

No Prerequisite

An examination of compensation programs in profit/ nonprofit organizations. It is concerned with a detailed study of job structures, job evaluation, performance appraisal, wage surveys, basic systems/plans of compensation, and fringe benefits. Attention is focused on a limited number of topics from these areas so more crucial concepts/methods may be dealt with in-depth.

MANGEMNT 753: Training & Development

No Prerequisite

The course will emphasize the theories of Management Training and Development, and the practical application of these theories in today's organizations. Special emphasis will be on current topics in the field of Human Resource Development, including: training self-directed work teams, managing a diverse work force, and the practical application of designing programs in today's environment. This will include actually designing a needs analysis and training evaluation programs. The course will frame the concept of training and development within the applicable theory of adult learning.

MANGEMNT 758: Management & Labor Relations

No Prerequisite

Primary concern is with contract negotiation and administration. Emphasis is on understanding the forces affecting the decisions of the parties to a labor contract. A dynamic approach is taken to examine difficulties that arise in attempting to administer a collectively established relationship. Study of conflict resolution including mediation and arbitration.

MANGEMNT 760: Strategic Management of Human Resources

No Prerequisite

This course examines strategic human resources (HR) management and HR planning. Applicable theories and methods of strategic, operational, and tactical planning and their relationship to HR management are covered, as well as the multiple roles HR plays in assisting organizations to gain and sustain competitive advantages in a fast-paced environment.