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WISC Customized Market Insight Solutions

Market Insights and Content Solutions

WISC offers a variety of strategic marketing research and action planning solutions for small businesses, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Through customized research and analysis projects, WISC provides insightful reports and action plans that inform business decisions. With WISC services, you will learn how to pursue the best opportunities for profitability and growth.

New Product Market Feasibility Studies

  • Get feedback on your product concept before making a large investment
  • Expert-built research tools get you data you can trust
  • Analysis and reporting by specialists in new product concept studies
  • Objective, third-party recommendations to validate or modify your assumptions
  • Base your development decisions on real-world feedback to save costs and time

Learn more about WISC New Product Feasibility Studies below. 

Digital Marketing Action Plans

  • Digital marketing demystified
  • Know more about customers and competition for informed action
  • Select top channels based on data
  • Sample tactics for PPC, social, SEM
  • Target metrics to evaluate success
  • Step-by-step implementation guide for quick results that drive sales

Strategic Market & Feasibility Analyses

  • Assess feasibility for startup company or new product ideas
  • Assess growth opportunities for established businesses
  • Competitive landscape data
  • Trends that could impact success
  • Evidence for level of market demand

Competitive Analysis

  • Develop more effective strategies based on competitive insights
  • Uncover competitor advantages
  • Carve out better opportunities through informed differentiation

Select from the sections below for more details on WISC market insight solutions or call WISC at (262) 472-1703 to talk about what would help your business. 

B2B Market Assessments

  • Completely customized based on client’s information needs
  • Better understanding of current markets to increase market share
  • Market diversification insights to reduce vulnerability and grow faster
  • Understand supplier preferences and key decision drivers

Customer Surveys & VoC Insights

  • Answer key questions with data
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Time-limited customer surveys
  • Ongoing VoC data collection, analytics, and reporting

Costs & Contact Information

  • Most projects are quoted based on custom research design. Costs range from $500 to $10,000 and up depending on the scope. 
  • Contact WISC at (262) 472-1703 or innovate@uww.edu to schedule a consultation about your research needs.

Target Market Deep Dive Report  |  $2,400  |  6 to 8 weeks

  • What does your ideal customer look like and care about?

  • How can you best gain and keep their attention as they go from lead to customer?

  • Where do they spend their time online?

With the WISC Target Market Deep Dive Report, you will get answers to these questions and more!
Gain a deeper understanding of your prospective customers.  Let us gather and analyze data and present it to you in an easy-to-use format.  Learn more about your prospective customers’ traits and what motivates them to purchase. Let data-informed personas created especially for your business by WISC Digital Marketing Specialists guide your messaging, ad targeting, and content strategy. 

WISC will give you the deep market knowledge you need to effectively... 

  • Craft outstanding ad copy

  • Create appealing content

  • Target online ads using demographics, interest, geography, and more 

  • Boost the return on your marketing spending
  • Optimize your message for your intended audience
  • Enhance your connection with your target customer by speaking to their top concerns and wishes

What you get in the report:

  • Target market description: Demographics (age, gender, careers, education, geography, etc), interests, lifestyles, and more compiled from real-world data

  • Customer Segments & Personas: characteristics and priorities when engaging with your brand

  • Ranking of customer segments and personas based on level of market opportunity

  • Identification of target customer goals and values that align with your brand

  • Example Ad Targeting in the social platform most used by your target market using the persona characteristics

  • Content keywords to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) for your audience

  • Example messaging that speaks to your target audience

Once you have the Target Market Deep Dive report in hand, you will be able to supercharge your marketing. Hand it to your in-house marketing team, marketing agency, or a freelance marketing contractor or intern.

Apply these insights over and over again for years. When you're ready to expand into new markets, let us take a look at them and refresh and update your insight report. 

Contact us at innovate@uww.edu to set up a free consultation on your Target Market Deep Dive project.

WISC new product market exploration gets you essential feedback on potential new products early on in the development process before you make a large investment.  With the market feedback WISC collects and analyzes, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of your idea from the customer point of view. WISC helps you get beyond your network to gather opinions on your product idea from people who know your market best. The WISC New Product Feasibility Study research analyzes market need, trends, and competition that would affect the likelihood of product success. 

Having this early-stage market research means you will be able to invest in the ideas with the greatest potential and scrap ideas that seem unlikely to gain traction in the market. Basing new product development decisions on real-world data vastly improves your odds of recovering your investment costs and making a profit once you launch your new product. Pricing sensitivity in the market plays a crucial role in predicting your success. WISC will investigate optimal price ranges based on competition and customer perceptions on value discovered through the interview or survey results.

To collect real-world data on customer preferences, perceptions, and needs for your new product concept, WISC employs expert-designed primary market research. WISC market research analysts conduct interviews and surveys to gather feedback on the level of need and customer preferences for your proposed product. When products will be sold through stores, WISC places phone calls to store representatives who provide feedback based on their first-hand knowledge of customer preferences.When it comes to new product development, success depends on overcoming obstacles along the road to commercialization. Early stage market research supports more profitable decisions for innovative companies and individual inventors. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new products at an early stage saves time and money and enables you to focus on product ideas that are likely to succeed.

The best time to find out that a product idea is likely to succeed or fail is early in the process, before too much time and money have been invested. For products with promise, having an objective third-party evaluation may result in stronger investor or licensing partner interest.

What is included in WISC's new product market feasibility research?

The New Product Market Feasibility Study report provides a preliminary assessment of the following: 

  • Expert-built research design and analysis
  • Anticipated level of consumer interest in the product concept
  • Existing and anticipated market demand
  • Estimated target market size
  • Trends in the market that could impact success
  • Level of competition for products that provide similar benefits to consumers
  • Perceived competitive advantages and disadvantages of your idea
  • Pricing tolerances for the product
  • Potential barriers to success in bringing the product to market 
  • Recommendations for next steps and additional resources

Sound like what you need? Get started today by downloading the New Product Feasibility Study Request Form, or call WISC at (262) 472-1703 or email innovate@uww.edu  for more information. 

How does WISC conduct New Product Feasibility research?

UW-Whitewater students, employed as market research analysts and supervised by an expert market research director, analyze internet and business database information, and conduct interviews or surveys to gather real-world opinions about market opportunities and challenges.

How will WISC make sure they don't reveal my product idea?

Confidentiality of the product idea is always protected. All individuals involved with WISC have signed a nondisclosure agreement saying that they will not disclose information about submitted inventions to anyone. WISC only talks about the benefits to customers and the problems your product solves for consumers, not how it solves the problem. Design elements will not be disclosed at any time outside the organization. If you have more questions about how WISC can conduct research without giving away your product idea, please give us a call at (262) 472-1703 to set up a time to talk with the WISC director. 

Results Delivered   

Competition Review

An assessment of your major competition to review what makes your product unique. Competition includes any product or service that solves the same problem or provides a similar benefit as your product idea.  WISC researchers search the internet and business databases, and perform a preliminary patent search to uncover any existing similar products. Then they follow up by phone to selected companies with the most closely related products and patents to learn what those companies know about the market for products like yours. 

User Need Estimates

We'll use our industry contacts and/or an analysis of published market studies to assist in estimating the true market demand for your new product. Interviews or surveys with target market experts provide insights into what your customers want. 

Trend Reports

Analysis and summary of relevant trends (e.g., industry, regulatory, and/or demographic) accessed via trade association reports, published market studies, and other sources.



Time Frame

6 to 9 weeks (30 to 45 business days)

Sample Reports

Click on the links below to view sample New Product Assessment reports. These are not based on real inventions, but they will give you an idea of what an actual WISC New Product Assessment report contains. Please call (262) 472-1703 or email innovate@uww.edu if you would like to talk with someone about WISC market research services. 

New Product Assessment Sample:  Warhawk Therapeutic Technologies

New Product Assessment Sample:  Automatic Playing Card Shuffler

New Product Assessment Sample:  Wander Away TattleTale

Starting a New Product Assessment Project

To start a project, download and complete the New Product Feasibility Study Request Form and return it to WISC with payment made payable to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, or contact WISC today at 262-472-1703 or innovate@uww.edu to learn more. 

Download the New Product Feasibility Study Request Form.

Customized Research for Your B2B Marketing Decisions

The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) designs market research projects in conversation with company leaders to make sure the market analysis answers your most important business development questions. Custom Market Assessments represent the majority of the research WISC conducts, but companies may also want to look into WISC Advanced Competitive Analysis services. 

What are some things WISC market research can help you learn?

Find the best markets for your company to optimize growth and sustainability:

  • Identify markets with the best opportunity for growth
  • Find out which markets best fit your company's strengths and goals
  • Find the best customer segments to focus on based on level of opportunity and customer fit with your strengths
  • Uncover unmet needs in markets you want to serve
  • See how to best position your company based on your strategic goals
  • Assess which market sector and what product offerings seem likely to provide the best opportunity for success
  • Stay current with trends that affect your industry and your customers' industries
  • Understand your company's position relative to other companies from your customers' perspective

Learn what drives buyers' decisions and increase conversion of leads to customers:

  • Develop Buyer Personas to guide your marketing strategy and content
  • Uncover key drivers of purchase and supplier decisions
  • Map the Buyers' Journey to help you understand what content to use where
  • Get into the perspective of your buyers to make sure your company rises to the top of the list
  • Understand key supply chain requirements and preferences for buyers in your target industries
  • Learn what product and service changes would help attract new customers and improve current customer satisfaction
  • See how your customers and target market view your company so you can tout your strengths and address any weaknesses

Market research project deliverables include actionable reports including data matrix and visualization presentation for easy interpretation. Recommendations and interpretations from the perspective of your key questions will be provided.

Get the information you need for your business development decisions through top-notch, university-supported market research.

A WISC Market Assessment helps you achieve the following:

  • Better understand your current market.
  • Replace lost business and diversify across industries.
  • Reduce vulnerability to market downturns and other market changes.
  • Focus on the best market segments for your company.
  • Find new potential customers that fit your company's target market.
  • Retain customers and attract new ones through better understanding of the competition and drivers of purchasing decisions.

The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) brings over 30 years of expertise and recognized quality to every project.

See our About WISC page for client testimonials. 

Click here to read a case study about hor WISC market research helped HUI Manufacturing create double-digit growth. 

What does it cost?

WISC develops and implements customized research plans to fit the specific strengths and needs of each company. Fees cover operational costs including student employee wages. A typical market assessment costs between $2,800 and $3,600. Exact fees vary depending on the project objectives and research methods.

How long does it take?

B2B research projects are usually completed within 10 to 16 weeks, depending on the scope of work. Timelines will be provided with the project proposal.

Contact WISC at (262) 472-1365 or at innovate@uww.edu for more information and to get started on a market assessment project for your company. 

Partnering can be the key to profitable product and invention development. Licensing new products and technology involves sharing of knowledge and experience. Whether used by independent inventors or existing companies, this sharing can benefit all parties by increasing profit opportunities and expanding market access. WISC provides information needed for the following: 

  • Target potential licensing partners who have experience with new product development
  • Decide at what stage of product development to approach them
  • Anticipate what information the company will expect
  • Know the right person at the company to contact
  • Learn about a company's experience with licensing new products
  • Determine prospective licensing partner's level of success in target industries

Click here to view a sample Licensing Partner Search report. 

Licensing Partner Searches (LPS) typically require 10 to 14 weeks to complete. The WISC fee for a LPS is between $2,400 and $2,800 depending on the scope of the project. Fees cover operational costs, including student market research analyst payroll. Because of our business and economic development mission, WISC extends the resources of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and expert market research design and implementation to businesses at rates affordable for small businesses and inventors compared to private research firms typically out-of-reach for small business budgets.

For more information or to request a Licensing Partner Search, contact WISC at (262) 472-1365 or email innovate@uww.edu.