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D2L to Canvas transition

Migration Resources

Course Complexity App

This application is designed to provide you an estimate on how well your Desire2Learn course will migrate into Canvas.  These estimates were developed based on testing performed by the UW-System Migration team along with feedback from UW-Madison.

To access the application, login with your Net-ID and Password at:

Canvas Tool Relationship Diagram

Our friends at UW-Oshkosh and UW-Superior put together this diagram to help explain the way the commonly used tools are related to each other.  View Canvas Tool Relationship Diagram.

Course Content Migration FAQ

As part of our initial course content migration testing, we have develpoed an FAQ around some of the general questions that came up in our testing.  View Course Content Migration FAQ.

External Application Integrations

What's an integration?  Many of the tools that are part of Canvas are actually external applications that are seemlessly integrated.  Visit the link to see the complete list of integrations and their current status.  View External Application Integrations List.

Additional Migration Resources