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Instructional Development and Support Resources

The LEARN Center, Learning Technology Center, and Office of Academic Assessment come together--individually and collaboratively--to provide instructional development and resources to support faculty and instructional staff in their teaching and dedication to student learning, engagement, and success.

    Teaching Resources

    Working Together

    The Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Research Network (LEARN) Center provides a variety of programs, services, and resources that invite colleagues to learn from experts, explore important issues, share instructional ideas, examine research relevant to teaching and student learning, and develop relationships with colleagues from across campus.

    The Learning Technology Center (LTC) supports instructional staff in using learning technologies in effective ways to increase student engagement and success. In addition, the LTC prepares instructors for teaching online courses and innovates with instructors around campus teaching challenges to identify new approaches and technologies that assist in providing high-quality and affordable educational experiences.

    The Office of Academic Assessment provides information, guidance, and support to facilitate assessment that is meaningful, useful, and efficient with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement of student learning.

    Value, Mission, Vision, Goals


    To prepare University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UW-W) instructors for 21st century teaching and learning.  


    We value: 

    • Supporting instructors in understanding student needs, exploring teaching challenges, and discovering effective teaching practices; 

    • Innovating with instructors to investigate trends in higher education teaching and learning; 

    • Connecting instructors who are doing similar things to encourage communities of practice;

    • Partnering with colleges, programs, departments, and instructors to meet university needs; and

    • Leading and participating in initiatives focused on student success and creating transformational learning experiences.


    We strive to offer programs, workshops, and services to develop teaching practices, leverage technologies to meet teaching challenges, and design effective assessment practices--all with a focus on student learning and success.   


    Taking into account our campus strategic plan, academic plan, and campus needs we work to provide programming, workshops, and services that support our talented faculty and staff in: 

    1. Leveraging contemporary models to improve student success by enhancing student learning and development and advancing diversity and inclusion practices to close equity gaps, improve student access, reduce time to graduation, and increase the likelihood of success for all student groups.

    2. Developing programs to meet the growing needs and changing demographics of the region in a way that meets employer, societal and student demands. 

    3. Evaluating and refining systems of academic assessment to improve teaching and learning.

    4. Innovating with new approaches and technologies for the design and delivery of courses, programs, and pedagogical practices to assure high-quality and affordable educational experiences.