Section 2: Your Academic Degree

      Section 2: Your Academic Degree

      Your Advising Session

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      Your advisor is ready to answer any questions related to your University experience. Your advisor will help you select courses, manage academic concerns, and plan your career path. It is important to contact your advisor at least once a semester, and to prepare responsibly for the advising appointments you schedule with them.

      How should I prepare for my advising sessions?

      • Start a personal advising file.
      • Print or save a copy of your AAR to refer to during the session.
      • Take notes during the session.
      • Develop a list of courses that you are considering.
      • Compile a list of questions for your academic advisor.
      • Save all your email exchanges with your advisor.

      When do I register for classes?

      Each semester, consult with your program advisor for help with course selection. They are here to lead you toward your successful completion of all degree requirements.

      • Students are assigned a registration time based on their number of earned credits.
      • Your registration start time will be listed on your WINS Student Center each semester.
      • Registration remains open until the first week of classes or until the class fills.
      • Priority registration for Spring classes begins in November.
      • Priority registration for Fall classes begins in April.

      If you have any other questions, consult with your advisor.


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