Graduate Business Certificates

The College of Business and Economics offers multiple graduate certificate options:

The Graduate Business Foundations Certificate program is designed to provide a foundation of business knowledge in a breadth of areas at the graduate level.

The Certificate in Construction Safety is designed to allow the working professional with a Bachelors Degree to acquire advanced construction safety and health knowledge.

The Certificate in Human Resource Management is designed to allow HR professionals with Bachelor’s Degrees in a non-HR area to acquire specific Human Resource Management knowledge in five broad areas of Human Resources.

The Certificate in Occupational Ergonomics is designed to prepare the working professional with a Bachelors Degree to meet the growing demand for safety professionals capable of dealing with work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD). 

The Certificate in Project Management is designed to allow professionals with a Bachelor's degree in acquire knowledge, experience, and a solid foundation for managing projects.  


Students may apply through the School of Graduate Studies.