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Web Advisory Group

The Web Advisory Group has the following roles in governance of the UW-Whitewater website:

  • Carry out the mission statement for the campus Web site
  • Govern content of the left side-bar and second-level audience pages
  • Assign responsibilities for institutional content


The Web Advisory Group is coordinated by ITS and has the following representatives: Provost, Registrar, Admissions, Student Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Marketing and Media Relations, University Advancement, Faculty Senate, a student representative and select ITS staff as resources.

UW-Whitewater Web Site Mission

The mission of the UW-Whitewater Web site is to serve as a gateway to campus for both internal and external audiences.

For external audiences, the Home page will serve as the “public face” of the university, helping to market our campus to prospective students, to tell the essential story of “who we are” as an institution, and to provide timely news and information. The website will also provide an intuitive approach to navigation so outside audiences can readily find the information they need through resource pages devoted to prospective students, alumni, parents and the community.

For internal audiences, the top level pages will efficiently guide students, faculty, and staff to the information they need. The highest visibility is assigned to links most frequently used by many in the campus community and those most closely connected to the academic and service mission of the university.

The UW-Whitewater Web site will be constantly evolving and will undergo continual improvement based on user’s suggestions and usage data.

To best match the interests and needs of those using the site, decisions about the UW-Whitewater site will be guided by statistics gathered on site usage.


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