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University Staff Employee Reference Guide

Welcome to the University Staff Employee Reference Guide!

While this "Quick Reference" page was created to specifically aid Adminstrative Personnel employed at UW-Whitewater, other employees on campus may also find it to be a valuable tool. A committee of Adminstrative Personnel representing each of the four colleges designed this web page. It is hoped that this guide will be an invaluable resource for quickly finding the information needed to perform your position efficiently. (Click on the topic below. Use the "back" button to navigate.)

  1. Retention/Disposal of Records: Contact Archivist at 5520
  1. Access Form
  2. Compliance Form
    • includes Blackboard, Financial Aid, Peoplesoft (All - including SFS), Student Payroll, and WINS
  3. MDS (Staples) Supplies: Contact Procurement at x1633
  4. E-Mail: Contact TSC Helpdesk at x4357
  5. Electronic Calendar: Contact TSC Helpdesk at x4357
  6. Organization Codes (Budgets)
  7. Procurement Card (University Credit Card)
  8. Service Indicators (Holds) Contact wozniakd
  1. Transfer Form
  2. NAEIR Catalog: Call the Budget Office at 1182 to order
  1. Bookstore
    • Grad Book Purchases: Contact Bookstore at 1281
    • Supplemental Undergrad Texts: Contact Bookstore at 1281
    • Supplies
  2. Textbook Rental
    • Current Undergrad Text: List of current texts are sent to departments by Textbook Rental before each semester
    • New Undergrad Textbook Order: Contact Textbook Rental at 1302
  1. Campus Maps
  2. Guest/Visitor Permits Departments call 1011
  3. Parking Permits
  4. Police: Emergency Call 911
  5. Police: Non-Emergency Call 4660
  1. Forms
  2. Registration and Advising Process
  3. Schedule of Classes (Timetable) Preparation: For Training Contact 1570
  4. Service Indicators (Registration Holds)
  5. Submission of Grades: For Training Contact 1570
  6. WINS
  1. Classes (After access to Schedule of Classes ends): Send e-mail message to Tamela Rufener
  2. Meetings & Events
  1. Forms
  2. MDS (Staples)
    • How do I obtain an MDS Authorization to Log-In - Contact Procurement at 1633
  3. Central Stores
  4. Duplicating/Printing
  5. Purchasing Cards

(See Registrar's Office: Schedule of Classes)