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Welcome School of Graduate Studies students! On this page, you will find resources that will help you in your pursuit of a graduate degree at UW-Whitewater.

Graduate School Resources

Register Frequently Asked Questions

Registration open dates are available on our Schedule of Classes website by each term. Admitted students should verify their specific appointment time through their WINS account. Specific times are posted a week prior to registration opening.

Please meet with your advisor and check for any registration holds prior to registering for classes.

The student record becomes inactive if there is no enrollment for one calendar year. To reactivate your status complete a Reactivation application.

A "hold" is a "stop" put on your ability to register by one or more administrative offices. "Holds" for graduate students are, typically, established by one of the following offices: Financial Services, Registrar, or Graduate Studies.
To determine what kind of "hold" you have, go to WINS System, or contact the School of Graduate Studies (262-472-1006; 800-628-4559). You'll then contact the office that initiated the "hold" to find out why and take action to remove the "hold."

WINS is the system that allows students to register for classes. For a tutorial about how to register using WINS, click here

Students planning to enroll in classes at UW Whitewater will need to complete the "Terms and Conditions for Enrollment/Credit Agreement" each term in WINS, click here for more information

Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

You should apply to graduate at least one full semester prior to your final term so your academic record can be reviewed. It is important that your entire academic record is reviewed prior to the final term of enrollment in order to identify any problems and resolve them in time for you to graduate. If you apply late, it may not be possible to alter your schedule if you are deficient in an area. It may also mean that your name will not be on lists of graduating seniors, including the program printed for the commencement ceremony. You may change your graduation date at any time by notifying the Graduate Studies Office.   Application for Graduation

Late submission of the Application for Graduation may result in the student not being able to graduate until the next term. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the School of Graduate Studies office at 262-472-1006.

The Graduate Outcomes and Satisfaction Survey is part of the University's ongoing efforts to collect student perception data about their graduate experience. Responses are confidential as data is aggregated and shared with departments every five years. The information is essential to the University's ongoing effort to collect student perception data useful to academic assessment that is shared with accrediting agencies.

After submitting the Application for Graduation, students must pay a fee of $65.00 which will be applied to the students WINS account to help cover costs associated with graduation, regardless of whether or not they participate in the ceremony. 

*These programs have additional codes of conduct to follow.  Review specific programs handbook for their official policy.  The appeal process begins at section 7 of Program Code of Conduct document.