School of Graduate Studies


Graduation ceremonies occur two times during the academic year, December and May. Both ceremonies are combined with the bachelor’s ceremony. Fall graduates may only participate in the December ceremony, Spring graduates may only participate in the May ceremony. Summer graduates have the option to participate in either ceremony in the same calendar year. Students planning to graduate in a given term need to note certain deadlines and do the following:

  1. Apply for Graduation through WINS. Click here for details.
  2. Complete the Graduate Outcomes and Satisfaction Survey that will be emailed to your student account; four weeks prior to graduation.
  3. Pay a graduation fee.

Graduate Certificate students must complete the Certificate Completion Form during the semester they expect to complete final course requirements.

Application Information

  1. Before the beginning of the term in which the degree is expected, graduate students should have a conference with their adviser to be certain that all course requirements are being met.
  2. You should apply to graduate at least one full semester prior to your final term so your academic record can be reviewed. It is important that your entire academic record is reviewed prior to the final term of enrollment in order to identify any problems and resolve them in time for you to graduate. If you apply late, it may not be possible to alter your schedule if you are deficient in an area. It may also mean that your name will not be on lists of graduating seniors, including the program printed for the commencement ceremony. You may change your graduation date at any time by notifying the Graduate Studies Office.

  3. At the discretion of the individual degree programs, the following options may be made available to graduate students:
    1. Thesis Option: a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work, including a thesis taken for one to six credits.
    2. Applied Research Project Option: A minimum of 30 credit hours of course work, including completion of an applied research project course for one to six credits.
    3. Comprehensive Examination Option: A minimum of 30 credit hours of course work, including a comprehensive examination.
    4. Course Work Option: A minimum of 36 credit course of course work.

Commencement Participation

Click here for Commencement participation information.